Are you accepting commissions?

Commissions give me anxiety equivalent to the idea of plucking out nose hairs.

Short answer: no.

How do I buy an original?

Unless it's through a gallery or show, I am not currently selling originals. This will likely change in 2021 or whenever I get over my irrational fear of navigating the shipping world.

can you do _, _, or _ project?

Maybe! While I'm not doing commissions, I'm open to collaborating, murals, or public art projects. Got a crazy idea? Message me!

Can I get your art tattooed on me?

Hell yeah! All I ask is for you to send me a photo or tag me on social media when it's done!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! I have a variety of prints and stickers at different price points. Message me if you want my stuff in your shop!

Thank you!