I’m Stephanie Eichelberger,

a desert-dwelling visual artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After living and traveling around the USA throughout my life, my work has become a process of self-evaluation in a world I’ve never quite felt like I belong. I always felt too normal to hang with the weirdos, and too weird to hang with the normals.


Moving, experiencing new situations, meeting new people, and adjusting to different environments has taught me to appreciate the weird, the curious, and to embrace uncertainty--including within myself. My characters are largely inspired by everyday life, my many moods, and my deep love for the outdoors. I enjoy elaborate costumes and headpieces, obscure vintage shops, 90s nostalgia, medieval folklore, getting lost the woods, coastal vibes, street art, and all the fluffy things. The backgrounds in my work are mostly inspired by the Jemez Mountains and White Sands in New Mexico.