I’m Stephanie Eichelberger, the desert-dwelling human that creates this stuff.

After living and traveling around the USA throughout my life, my work has become a process of self-evaluation in a world I’ve never quite felt like I belong.

Since I was young, art has been an outlet during difficult times. My favorite thing was to camp in the backyard with all of my crafting supplies. During the summers, I would stay with my grandparents, creating everything from short stories to clay sculptures. That comfort in creating and exploring the outdoors followed me into adulthood where I enjoy camping and hiking as much as possible and soaking up all of nature’s wonder.

Moving around and adjusting to different environments has taught me to appreciate the weird, the curious, and to embrace uncertainty. Inspired by Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, and Salvador Dali, my work embodies a surreal yet quirky and illustrative characteristic. I enjoy elaborate costumes and headpieces, obscure vintage shops, 90s nostalgia, medieval folklore, coastal vibes, street art, and all the fluffy things. The backgrounds in my work are mostly inspired by the Jemez Mountains and White Sands in New Mexico.

Since moving to New Mexico in 2015, the colors in my work have shifted to a palette full of pastel pinks and blues with pops of saturated color, reminiscent of the incredible sunsets in the Land of Enchantment. In 2017, I began selling my art at local markets in New Mexico and branched out to national expos in 2019. Currently, I'm working on a storyline loosely based on mythological creatures and forest/desert spirits and look forward to sharing this little world I'm creating.

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